How To Increase Sex Power and Symptom

There are some most popular questions that are discussed between friends and men about sex.”How to increase sex power?”,”how to increase sex stamina?”, how to stay long during sex period?”, How to satisfy partner during sex?” are all the most common questions that are discussed among young persons. The stress full life among people increasing day by day and that is a common problem between people. Every people want to become healthy in his life and want to stay healthy with sex. Sex life is the main part of every person that affect every person life. It should be cool and simple and happy life and every person want to make happy his life partner in sex life and want to enjoy it. It gives a great feeling to every person that he completely enjoying his sex life with his life partner and satisfy his partner.

There are Some Low Sex Power Symptoms:-

1. Not Get Full Satisfaction.

2. Earlier Ejaculation

3. Time Period of Orgasm is Minimum

4. Insufficient Erection

5. Impotency

6. Decreasing of Muscle Mass

7. Very Low Testosterone

8. Over Weight

9. Very Low energy Level

10. Ageing

11. Low Bone Mass

12. Long time Illness

13. Low Energy Level

14. Heart Disease

15. Diabetes

16. Premature Ejaculation

17. Not Able To Perform Fully

18. Fatigue

19. Hair loss

20. Low Sex Drive

How to Increase Sex Power and Stamina Naturally?

increase sex power

There are some natural treatment that can use for long drive sex and increase sex power and stamina:-

  •  Don’t eat anything and drink anything before 3 hours to have sex.
  • Always keep stomach clean and healthy to stay healthy sex life.
  • Don’t have any kind of stress and depression in mind during sex period not think about other thing.
  • Always have 10 minutes exercise in the morning that improve so much sex power and stamina.
  • Always have enough foreplay before sex not become so risky during sex.
  • Do brush to your teeth before sex.

There are some natural fruits and food that can increase your sex power and sex stamina:-

foods to boost sex stamina

1. Onion:-

Onion is a best food for increase sex power. Daily use onion in your food You can make other recipes to use of onion.

2. Eggs:-

Use eggs for sex stamina. It is a good food for sex stamina and protein supplement.So eat eggs regularly in your food.

3. Peanuts:-

Eat peanut for increase sex power for long drive during sex and stay healthy.

Best Fruit For Sex Power

4. Almond:-

Almond is a natural food that have so many nutrition for human body development and a source of vitamins so use almond to eat in morning breakfast.

5. Cherry:-

Daily eat cherry for fresh morning feeling its gives so much energy to human body and make healthy to circulation of blood and boost sex stamina.

6. Apple :-

Eat apple for stay healthy. Apple is a best fruit for stay healthy and boost sex time duration.

7. Dark Chocolate:-

Dark chocolate is also a good sex  Supplement that increase your sex stamina and sex power.

8. Pumpkin seed:-

Pumpkin seed can make you so hot person for sex. It can increase your sex stamina.

9. Ginger:-

Ginger is a natural treatment of many disease and solve many body problem in human body also useful for increase sex power and sex stamina.

10. Banana:-

Always eat banana for stay healthy and fresh and make your sex duration so long so you can stay easy duration sex period and increase sex power and sex stamina.

There are some healthy food that can also increase your sex power:-

  • Roast Beef
  • Arugula
  • Nuts
  • Animal Liver
  • Red Wine
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Spinach
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Vitamin C
  • Figs
  • Vanilla
  • Fish
  • Mix Fruits
  • Pasta

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