What is Cancer and Prevention of Cancer

Cancer is a big disease now in present time. it begins in the body when unwanted cells begin to start growing in the body.

Normally our body forms new cells after some time and replaces cells that die. Sometimes this process disturbed and the unwanted cell begins to grow very fast and these lot of cells make a mass of tumours. Tumours can be benign or malignant.

After some time they spread very fast and break in parts and spread in other parts of the body so fast.

What is Cancer?

Cancer is a group of many diseases. It spread very fast in our body and damage all parts of our body and have a lot of pain in our body and spread in every part of our body and make so pain in our body joints. There are many types of cancer and most of it has a name according to the starting part of the body like lung and breast cancer.

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There are some types of cancer:-




4.Non-Hodgkin lymphoma















Above are some kind of cancer there are many types of cancer except all of those types.

How can we reduce the risk of cancer

1. Avoid Tobacco:-

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There are many types of cancer spread due to tobacco. Tobacco harms many parts of our body and that part affected by tobacco in our body have a lot of risk. Tobacco spread various kind of cancer like lung, cervix, kidney, liver so you can decrease a lot of risk by avoiding tobacco so don’t use tobacco it is a good habit. you can use products that are available in the market to avoid it.

2. Eat a Healthy Diet:-

healthy diet for cancer

Always eat a healthy diet in your food. It is so important to use a healthy diet for the body. Make a balanced diet for good health and check properly that these diets do not have a lot of fat because a lot of fat increase so many chances of cancer in our body so always eat healthy food and avoid junk food to reduce fat from our body.

3. Don’t Take Alcohol:-

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Don’t use alcohol so much because alcohol reacts so fast with our body cells and effect so much to our body parts. Alcohol so much damage to the liver if used alcohol regular then after some time liver and many parts of our body functioning so slow. after a long time of alcohol use increase cancer risk.

4.Weight Loss:-

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Don’t become overweight because of its increase the chance of cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight might lower the risk of various types of cancer, including the breast, prostate, lung, colon and kidney. You can lose your weight easily

5.Balance Vitamin D:-

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Vitamin D is so important for our body but it’s not so useful for reducing the risk of cancer. So properly take vitamin D. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D so always protect yourself from more sunlight because its so important for our body. Not only to reduce it’s risk but also important to our body parts that not go in UAB solar light. In many studies its found that sunlight increase 15 types of cancer risk in our body so protect our self from sunlight.

6. Go For Safe Sex:-

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Always before going for sex talk with your sexual partner about sex disease and any kind of abnormality in sex. Always go for natural sex and as well as possible use condom during the sex. Before go to oral sex use condom because if you don’t use a condom then the risk of infection increase so much during anal sex. Always have a limit of sexual partners because if you don’t have then the chance of HIV increase so much and its find in many studies that 80% chance of cancer possible in HIV positive. To protect yourself from HIV because if you HIV positive then it is 80% risk of cancer so reduce it’s risk by go for safe sex.

7. Eat Garlic Food:-

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Garlic is a most useful natural food that contains sulfur compound so much and have the potential to fight with many diseases. Garlic also uses in many foods and have a natural capacity to reduce cancer risk and prevent it from the spread. Garlic decrease so much risk of many diseases. It is also useful in many diseases like infections, sexual disease, fungus infection and hair loss treatment so use
in a proper way to the garlic foo.

8. Use Cruciferous Vegetable:-

Cruciferous Vegetable

Cruciferous vegetable has the power to fight against cancer. Cruciferous vegetable reduces the risk of kidney cancer and prevents it to spread in body parts. So use this vegetable in your food to reduce the risk of it.

9.Drink Green Tea:-

green tea good in cancer

Always drink green tea in many studies in many countries its found that green tea decrease so much risk of cancer so daily use green tea. Green tea is also useful for the brain its work as a powerful oxidant for the body. Green tea reduces cancer risk and prevents it so use it in daily morning.

10.Sleep in Dark Bedroom:-

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It is found in many studies that so powerful bright light increase breast cancer in women so always sleep in a dark bedroom.

11.Attention on Pain:-

If you feel pain in body parts go for a doctor not take it easy because in starting phase of cancer body parts have so less pain but after some time it becomes more painful.

12.Drink Water:-

drink water

Always drink water so much because liquids reduce its risk so much and bladder cancer risk become rare in the human body. So use at least 10 cups of water in a day and stay healthy.

13. Avoid Red Meat:-

Red meat increases the risk of cancer so don’t use red meat in food and reduce its risk.

14.Low Fiber Diet:-

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Don’t use so much fibre food because it increases the risk of cancer so use low fibre food Don’t take excess food that has a lot of fibre. and low fibre diet help you to lose your weight

15. Get Medical Care Regular:-

medical care

Always go for medical checkup of the whole body after some time. It is so safe way to protect our self from cancer and reduce its risk and prevent it from the spread in the body.

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