How to Treatement of Diabetes and Symptoms

Now in present time diabetes is the most common disease in peoples. It is possible that any person can be affected by this disease at any age like children, teenage and young adult and adulthood. But now it is possible to prevent and treatement of diabetes.

Reason of Diabetes:-

The main reason of diabetes is insulin and we can say that insulin is so important hormone for our body that control the power system of a body now the question is how insulin work in our body and how it works for our body. So correct answer is insulin make in our body by the pancreas that is a special organ in our body.

The main work of insulin in our body is to inject glucose into fat cells, kidney, muscle, liver cells. Glucose enters into the bloodstream when food is digested by our body and glucose work like fuel and energy source for our body and glucose inject into cells and muscles by insulin then glucose burns cells and produce energy for the body that is so important for our body.

It is stored in some body parts so the main reason for diabetes is insulin. There are some main reasons of diabetes are first one is when pancreas of our body not work properly and not produce enough insulin for our body.

The second one is when insulin not working properly with our body cells and it is also possible that the cells that produce insulin destroyed completely. so in this condition our body need insulin again and again after some time for work properly then this disease is called diabetes.

There are two types of diabetes:-

  • Type 1 diabetes

  • Type 2 diabetes

There are Some Symptoms of Diabetes:-

  1. Fatigue

  2. More Thirst

  3. Lack of Interest

  4. Frequently Infection

  5. Dry Mouth

  6. Frequent Vomiting

  7. Eye Problems

  8. Hunger

  9. Heart attack

  10. Heart stroke

  11. Dry Skin

  12. Kidney Problem

  13. Over Weight

  14. Tiredness

  15. Lack of Concentration

  16. Stomach Pain

  17. Nerves Damage

  18. Frequent Urination

How can possible Prevent and Treatement of Diabetes?

sign of diabetes

There are Some Natural Treatement of Diabetes:-

1. Eat Healthy Diet:-

healthy diet for diabetes

Always eat a healthy diet don’t take so much fat in food because it is so important for our body that burns fat and gets energy and when you are affected by diabetes than fat not burn by the body and can say very less fat burn by body insulin then it is very important that take healthy food and take proper vitamin so you can prevent and treatment of diabetes by taking a healthy diet of food.


2. Use Green Tea To Drink:-

treatment of diabetes

Green tea is so useful for our body because it has so profit as an oxidant and burn the fat and in many studies its found that green tea is so important oxidant that makes
healthy. So use green tea to drink and stay healthy with green tea that protect our body from diabetes so use green tea to prevent and treatment of diabetes.


3. Drink Juice of Tomato:-

diet for diabetesTomato juice also control diabetes so drink tomato juice and stay healthy to prevent and treatment of diabetes. Because tomato juice has some vitamins that control diabetes and make our body healthy and full fill the requirement of our body. So daily use tomato juice in your diet if you have diabetes.


4. Physical Exercise:-

exercise for fitness

Physical exercise is so important for our body like nutrition because physical exercise burns extra fat from our body and produce a lot of energy in our body and also give a proper shape to our body so always go for exercise in the morning. Its decrease so many risks of diabetes and control diabetes for a long time and you can stay healthy with physical exercise that can help you to prevent and treatment of diabetes.


5. Eat Vitamin C Fruits:-

vitamin C fruits

Eat fruits that provide vitamin C to our body and help us to control diabetes. Some fruits like berry, lemon, orange etc are vitamin C provide fruits so use these fruit for prevention and treatment of diabetes, control cholesterol and boost immunity system from our body.


6. Use Bitter Gourd Juice:-

juice for diabetes

Bitter gourd juice is so help full to prevent and treatment of diabetes so always drink bitter gourd juice in the morning and control diabetes.


7. Use Garlic and Onion in Food:-

best diabetes treatment

Garlic is a natural medicine that provides natural treatment in many disease and garlic also prevent ant treatment diabetes so use garlic in your food daily as a healthy diet.


8. Drink Water Regular:-

drink water

Water is so important for the human body and provides so relax to the human body so used to drink water 10 cups and more days in a day so it also prevents diabetes in our body.

There are Some Medical Treatement of Diabetes Prevention:-


1. Go for Regular Checkup:-

regular check ups

To prevent and treatment of diabetes go to the doctor for a regular checkup and protect our self from diabetes. Take a regular checkup of a whole body according to doctor advice and use medicine that provide by the doctor. Probably insulin injections are given to the patient of diabetes daily.

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