How To Boost Your Immune System

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Considering how the corona virus infection has been growing rapidly all over the world, it has become very important for us to improve our immune system to avoid any kind of infection and keeping these things in mind, doctors After research has released a report which is very helpful to improve the immune system. Now it comes to know how to boost the immune system? and before that, it is also important to know what the immune system is and how the immune system works?

First of all, understand what the immune system is.

What is the immune system?

what is immune system

Our body always faces different types of diseases and germs, and to fight all these, there is an Incredible mechanism in our body which constantly fights against diseases and germs and this is the name of the immune system know from.

The immune system is divided into three parts.

1. Innate immunity:-

We also know this mainly by the name of natural immunity because it is present in the body since the birth of the child and it also serves as the first layer of protection in the body.

2. Adaptive immunity:-

During our lifetime, our body encounters various types of diseases and after coming in contact with these diseases, the protective layer that is formed by the vaccine or vaccination in our body is called Adaptive immunity.

3. Passive immunity:-

It works as an immediate response to a major crisis and it takes a little time to build our body and is mostly used on snake bites.

How does the immune system function?

When our body is in contact with a bacteria, virus or any allergies that can harm our body, our body starts fighting against that disease and when our body is fighting with diseases it is always like this It gives the indication that we know that our body is treating that disease.

Our body gives such signs as our body temperature increases, fever comes, it tells us that our body is preparing itself to fight infection and redness is also a similar identity.

It is also important for us to know that our body is capable of fighting and recovering from all kinds of infections.

What are the symptoms of a weak immune system?

The job of our immune system is to fight the diseases that occur in our body, it protects our body from infections and yet if we get such infections early, then our immune system is weak.

  • Catch cold easily
  • Digestive problem
  • Delay growth and development
  • Blood disorder, low platelets, anaemia
  • Suffering chronic infection
  • More than two cold a year
  • You ever had cancer
  • Your lymph glad sore and swollen at times
  • Vitamin B12 deficiency

These are the few symptoms that people with the flame immune system.

How to boost the immune system?

how to boost your immunity

There are two ways to enhance the immune system.

  1. Boost the immune system naturally
  2. Boost the immune system through medicines

How to boost the immune system naturally?


It is very important for us to enhance the immune system because the immune system itself protects our body from all diseases and if we increase it naturally it is even more beneficial, so now let’s talk about how to grow it naturally. So for this, you do not need to do much, just a little change in your daily routine so that you can improve your immune system.

1. No Smoking:-

If you are smoking then you have to quit smoking first to keep your immune system strong because smoking affects the lungs and respiratory system due to which the immune system is also weak and not only the biggest of smoking cancer the reason is also.

2. Enough Sleep:-

Doctors also believe that we need to get enough sleep to keep our immune system strong, as it has been seen in the survey that people who sleep more than 6 hours work more than those who sleep more than 6 hours. If the winter is early, you can strengthen your immune system by getting better sleep.

You should also know how much sleep you have

  • If you are an adult, then you must have a 7-hour sleep from work.
  • If you are in teenage then you sleep for 8-10 hours.
  • Small children sleep 14 hours

3. Eat more fruit and vegetables:-

Doctors advise to eat more and more fruits and vegetables anyway because it is part of our healthy life, but if we are talking about increasing our immune system then it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables because fruits And the vitamins needed to boost immunity are found in vegetables, if we consume it daily, then we can make our immune system strong.

4. Eat more healthy fats:-

Consumption of healthy fats is also very important in improving our immune system. Healthy fats we get from olive oil, cells, fish, it reduces inflammation from our body, and by consuming it continuously, we also get benefit in more diseases. It is also very beneficial for large diseases like diabetes, heart disease.

Omega 3 fatty acids also help reduce inflammation of our body, which we get from salmon, chia seeds and fish oil.

5. Regular exercise:-

By doing regular exercise, we keep our health good and it helps our immune system to grow, regular exercise reduces inflammation from our body and it helps our immune cells to work again.

We do not need to do much exercise, only moderate exercise is needed like cycling, swimming, walking, normal running. If we do this exercise 4 days a week, then we can make our fitness and immune system quite good.

6. Manage your stress level:-

Taking stress is the biggest reason for weakening our immune system. According to one study, it has been found that people who take more stress have a weak immune system, this is because when we take stress, our cells have a negative effect. It has a negative effect on the sales of our immune system and taking stress is like giving a cure to the disease anyway because stress is a cause of every disease, so do your work at the right time and do not take the stress and take your immunity Strengthen the system. There is also some activity that helps in reducing your stress such as meditation, yoga, travelling, exercise.

How to boost immune system quickly?

If this question is coming in your mind that how can we boost our immune system quickly? as soon as possible, then I also answer that if you follow all the instructions mentioned above, then you will boost your immune system very quickly. It works very quickly

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